Exactly what to say.

10 Quotes from the book “Exactly What To Say”

Hello, champions !!!

In this particular post, you will get to know about the quotes that you can grab from one of the popular books, “Exactly What To Say”. This book was written by PhilM Jones. 

  • Right words at the right time can have to achieve the right results.

  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

  • The word “But” negates everything that was said prior.

  • A simple definition of motivation is “a reason to move” or “a reason to do”.

  • The decision is first made in your mind hypothetically before it is ever made in reality.

  • The easier the question is to answer the easier you gain your decision.

  • Success in life and business is rarely achieved without the support of others.

  • Assisting people in making their minds up is a skill that will help you reach the highest places.

  • You cannot learn the power of simplicity until you have tackled the complication of reality.

  • People often talk about how tricky salespeople can be, but customers are not angles either.

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