5 -Top laws about life.

Hello, champions,

Today we are going to see those 5 most important laws to understand life.

1. Murphy’s Law: The more you fear something the more it will happen.
2. Kidlin’s Law: If you can write the problem down clearly then the matter is half solved.
3. Gilbert’s Law: The biggest problem at work is that no one tells you what to do.
4. Walson’s Law: If you put information and intelligence first at all times. Then the money keeps coming in.
5. Falkland’s Law: When you don’t have to make a decision, then don’t make the decision.


& These are the Laws, Hope you all guys are doing well in your life. keep reading, keep supporting us. If you feel like why this always happens to me, remember what Kailaba says “ Whatever happens, take the responsibility ”.

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