Five Top Ideas In the World

Hello, champions !!!

In this post, we will see what are those top 5 ideas with which we should live.

  1. Paucker’s Law:  Only in debate, can bear the best ideas and the best decisions.
  2. Torred’s Law: Whether a person’s intellect can be considered a genius by whether the mind can hold two opposing ideas.
  3. Hedgehog’s Law: Hedgehogs keep each other warm when it’s cold, but they keep this distance so they don’t stab each other.
  4. FlyWheel’s Law: When you can take the first step in anything you do, Then things get easier afterward.
  5. Vench’s Law: When 10 friends are against the thing, Now matter how determined you are you will falter.

& These are the ideas, Hope you all guys are doing well in your life. keep reading, keep supporting us. If you feel like why this always happens to me, remember what Kailaba says “ Whatever happens, take the responsibility ”.


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