No Internet Day

I Spent “No Internet Day”

Here is the Catch:

I was experiencing a little more overthinking than usual. On Friday night, around 8 PM, it hit me. Why so many thoughts and mind-battles?

Let’s experience the self, and turn off the WiFi.

Bangg!! I turned off WiFi and threw my mobile aside. With seeing my thoughts, and understanding my feelings, sooner I started to experience calmness.

I made delicious food, and ate it with a condition that I must be aware of the process of eating.

Then, I jotted down my journal.

After a long time, I slept without phone or music.


Saturday morning, I woke up at Peace. I didn’t feel any difficulty to wake up at 04:07 AM, so I woke up.

With this Peace, I felt the essence of not using my phone for a day. So, I decided not to use it for today.

Read 5 Laws about life.


Bingoo…!! Then, I was ON, and the internet was OFF!!

I got Ideas, I recorded videos, and I wrote the script that I wanted to Write since the week.

I write the script to use Facebook graph API and post random quotes on QuotesMandu every 7 minutes.

I was so excited, satisfied and at Peace for the whole day, after a long time.

Yeah, to work with Facebook APIs and testing purposes, I used the Internet. But essentially, I was experiencing the No Internet Day.

I didn’t receive any calls through the internet, nor did I respond to anyone.

[What if someone is really in need of my response?]

My phone was “still ON”, to receive the call for that “in need response”.


I went for a walk for around 2 hours. Delighted!! I spent the whole day with so many ideas for learning. More importantly, it was the more productive one.


BINGOOO..!! Here is the Takeaways from my “No Internet Day”:

  • Sleep without a phone or at least turn off the WiFi and keep the phone 2m aside from bed!
  • Spend a day without internet or social media for a day per month.


Have a good time and learn!!

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