the 5 secrets for success, kidlin's law

The 5 Secrets for Success

Hello Champions, here, today, we will talk about the top 5 secrets for success. Let’s begin:

1. Murphy’s Law.

“The more you fear something, the more it will happen. “ In it’s simplest form, Murphy’s Law states: If anything can go wrong, it will. However, as with many successful business theories, the original law has been extended over time to cover specialist areas, several of which are given below: Project Planning: If anything can go wrong, it will. Usually at the most inopportune time. Performance Management: If someone can get it wrong, they will. Risk Assessment: If several things can go wrong, the one you would LEAST like to happen will occur. Practical creativity: If you can think of four ways that something can go wrong, it will go wrong in a fifth way.

2. Kidlin’s Law.

“If you can write the problem down clearly, then the matter is half solved.” Kidlin’s Law is a program created to solve problems. Often times, the problems experienced seem like a mess. Therefore, this law arises, considering that the beginning of solving a problem is the formation of rationality.


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3. Gilbert’s Law.

“The biggest problem at work is that no one tells you what to do.” The rule discovered in 1931 is also called the proportional growth rule or law of proportional effects. Gilbert’s Law is a rule that states that the proportional growth rate of a company does not depend on its absolute size.

4. Walson’s Law.

“If you put information and intelligence first at all times, then the money keeps coming in.” The law of success in business is the forerunner of “financial freedom”. To get an unlimited source of money, solve a problem that many people have. So they will continue to use your product.

5. Falkland’s Law.

“When you don’t have to make a decision, then don’t make a decision.” This is an idea to be safe. Since many sudden decisions have brought disaster, Falkland’s Law was created so that humans do not take wrong steps.

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