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Who should read this book?

  • People struggling with mental health issues. 
  • People who are haunted by the bad past.
  • Those who want to be recharged with resilience.
  • People who are striving to be successful.
  • People who feel lost and alone.

What will you learn from this summary?

In this book, you will learn healing techniques, positive affirmation, Meditation, life success quotes. It helps increase your mental thoughts and mind power.  

Through this book And through Louise Healing Techniques and Positive Philosophy, millions have learned to create more of what they want in their lives, More wellness in their bodies, minds and spirits. Since release, it has sold three million copies in 30 countries. Champion, this is the book for you.

About the author

Before talking about the book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ and before giving its summary I would love to speak about The book author LOUISE HAY, Born on October 8, 1926,  in Los Angeles. She was an American motivational speaker, writer, author and founder of HAY HOUSE Publishing House. She authored several New Thought Self-help books, Including  Her first book, Heal Your Body, YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE,I Can do It, A Way of Life, and Millennium 2000 with numerous collaborators and Empowering Women: A Guide To A Successful Life For Every Woman , with many video and audio tapes.

About book

In this book, Louise is explaining to us about how our limiting thoughts, beliefs, and negative emotions affect us and how it is linked to our physical diseases. And also provide us with insights into the relationship between mind and body.

The main idea or can say the Key idea of this book is “ if we are ready to do our mental work, then almost anything can be healed” The issues about which Louise talk about in this book is related to relationship, money, body, And all these issues starts with the belief that we are not good enough, and we just can’t do anything, and this is our belief which creates and forms our lives, and the fact is the moment we start loving ourselves is the moment we have the ability or can say have the key to heal ourselves,

With proper and right mental work, we can heal almost every aspect of our lives and can bring the positive outcome in any area we desire. Hay has written this book the same way she would have taken the client through sessions or a workshop,  each chapter starts with an affirmation and includes one or more exercises and treatments.

Some of the main points:

1. What I Believe

The root and the most common problem is the fundamental belief that “ I am not good enough” and lack of self-love. The getaways to wisdom and knowledge are always open.

Example, the most common belief related to money is that I am not good enough to earn money in my life, or I don’t have friends or people don’t love me, and the tendency  of impressing other people comes from the belief  “I never get my way.”


2. Where do these beliefs come from?

So to answer these beliefs and various other things like who we are? Or on which rules we must live by? All these things and thinking come under us when we are very young and we get influenced by the people and adult around us, and as we grow we tent to recreate our lives around these beliefs,

For this Hay recommends several exercises and asks us to shift From”I SHOULD” to “I COULD”, And asks us to identify where some of our limiting beliefs come from and also asks us to realize that we have a choice.


3. Are our beliefs even true?

Beliefs like boys never cry, boys don’t feel the pain, these all beliefs are not the actual fact, or you can’t do this because you are not good at it, these influence make us believe in all this and hence it becomes reality for us, hence we should examine if they are true, to begin with, If they were true in the past, some beliefs when we were very young we shouldn’t talk to strangers, were true but it was past, and now at present maybe things are not same , Hence letting go false and old beliefs is the step towards changing our lives.


4. How to change?

Here we start when we are willing to change and by overcoming the natural resistance to change, And next thing which we do is to learn to control our minds and thoughts and learn to forgive ourselves and others.

We must nurture the willingness to change, and change starts when we are willing to change ourselves from inside before our outer circumstances will change, The process of healing starts the moment we think about making a change,

Here hay offers an exercise “willing to change” to identify the source which is not allowing you to change and to use affirmation to let go of that resistance.

Hay Says To Reshape your belief, here reshaping our beliefs means Something Like Mental house cleaning, in this what we are asked to do is, to examine our thoughts and belief and to go to each mental room and to decide which one to keep, remove and change or polish.


5. Control Your Mind and Thought

Mind is the most important tool, and it’s a kind of tool you can use any way you want, you are in control of your mind hence here what you can do is by controlling your mind, you can shape your beliefs and thoughts,

For this you need to understand and you need to make your mind  understand that past is past and it has gone and there is nothing we can do about it, hence forget it and it can’t hold you back, or doing physical exercise can be really very helpful, to release the emotion which was pent up in you from very long, like you can Do exercise, or can scream your windows locked or can cry, but after doing it, you don’t need to worry about the same thing again.


6. Self-Love and Forgive yourself 

Here Hay ask us to forgive the past and enjoy the present, many people allow their past to hold them back and because of which they do not enjoy their present and don’t able to think about their future, and all this happens because they are not able to forgive themselves or others, Hay has explained many exercises to let go past and to release and let go old beliefs and patterns because of which we are facing many problems and situations.

One of the first things Hay will say to people who come to see her is ‘stop criticizing yourself!’ We may have spent a lifetime doing this, but the beginning of real self-love – which is one of the main ingredients in healing your life – happens when we decide to give ourselves a break.


7. Be Positive and Develop Positive Beliefs

Here Author says to try to bring positive new changes in your life, bringing positive change is like planting seeds, it might take time for the seeds to grow(sprout), and it requires a lot of care so that it grows in a proper way.

What you think, that will happen, In this try not to be negative, instead of using negative statements and words like, I am fat, I am angry, I am upset try to use positive words statements like I am happy, I can do this, I am healthy etc. learn to think positive learn to be positive.

As it says” Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right”

The most important thing about positivity or about learning to be positive is self-approval and self-acceptance. For this hay has provided several exercises, amongst them, the very first is using affirmation for self-approval, identifying negativity and to change it to positive, and develop positive beliefs.



Here Hay offers a holistic approach to nurture and nourish your entire being, which means your body through nutrition, exercise etc your mind through visualization, affirmation, workshops etc and your soul your spirit through prayer, forgiveness, kindness, meditation, unconditional love etc.

Try to apply these practices in your daily life, your life will heal in a positive and in an awesome way.

Try to start your day with a positive note, take some time daily to do meditation and exercise which will help you and your mind to get calm and relax

And always learn from your failures, never get disappointed, always learn and grow, try to gain knowledge and improve your mental strength.

Therefore, trust in the power of affirmations to manifest what you want. They must always be positive, and in the present tense; for example, ‘I am totally healthy,’ or ‘Marvelous work opportunities are coming to me.’ The book contains many affirmations for you to choose from.

For all these Hay offers an exercise by asking us to use affirmation and to do exercise. This can be very useful in all aspects of our lives whether we talk about the relationship, work, success or prosperity.


9. Body Language

We must learn to understand our body, what our body is trying to tell us about its disease and discomfort, it is we who creates lot of disease and discomfort to our body through our own thoughts and pattern, hence we must take care of our body by listening to it, our body tells us about its discomfort through headache, baldness, sore throats, back problems etc.

Hence do extra care about your body health.


Champion, this is an amazing book and it will help you to heal your life. I would suggest you read this book to get detailed knowledge about how we can heal our lives. And this book contains many more healing techniques and affirmation so do read and learn to heal your life in a positive way.

Do comment and tell us, if you want us to make a video for this book summary.

 Thank you. Kailaba – always empowering you through words of knowledge.

Keep Reading, keep growing.


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