eSIM in Nepal

How to check my phone supports eSIM?

Hey Champs, Nepal Telecom has started to distribute eSIM in Nepal for first time.

In this article, we will learn eSIM and How to check if my phone supports eSIM?

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Go to your settings and find your IMEI to see if your phone supports eSIM. International Mobile Equipment Identity, or IMEI, is a number that tells you whether your phone is digital eSIM compatible and whether it has been carrier unlocked.

A full guide for Android can be found here: Android Guide

A full guide for ios Device can be found here: ios Device Guide

Firstly, Let’s learn more about eSIM and how it works.

check my phone supports eSIM

What’s an eSIM?

In short, eSIM stands for an “embedded” SIM card.

eSIM or Embedded SIM is a digital SIM that allows you to use cellular services from the telecom operator without having to use a physical SIM card. That means, there’s no need to insert a physical card into the phone. Instead, the telecom operator will remotely connect your device with their network and provide you with a mobile number and its services.

In fact, an eSIM has the exact same functionality as a regular SIM, allowing you to do everything like:

  • Use your mobile network for local data
  • Cellular service to call, contact and remain connected to other phones and devices
  • Screen, scan, store, search, activate, and download data to your device
  • Keep your number while still being able to switch your phone line
  • Never have to worry about being hit with roaming charges
  • Activate your eSIM plan with a QR Code instead of inserting a chip
  • Max usage by choosing subscriptions to shorter plans all the way to longer plans (based on need)

Nepal Telecom implemented eSIM :

Nepal Telecom will be the first carrier in Nepal to support eSIM connections. In order to deploy its own eSIM platform, the telecom operator first allocated money for the project in the fiscal year 2078/079. In order to give the telecom an eSIM platform, NTC and Monty UK Global Limited entered into a contract in April 2022.

How to get eSIM in Nepal?

Firstly, your device should be eSIM Compatible.

Check eSIM Compatibility Here.

Nepal Telecom (NTC) has announced that all existing prepaid and postpaid customers can upgrade for a free eSIM. To have eSIM, customers must fill out form and submit it to the Nepal Telecom Office. For now, form submission is only available to Sundhara Branch Office in Kathmandu. Hopefully, sooner, this will be available throughout the country.

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    1. For first time you can get it for free. Free means, in exchange with your present sim card. For now, you can go to Offices of Nepal telecom at: Naxal, Chabahil, Thimi, Bhaktapur, Patan, Gongabu, Chauni & Pulchowk.

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