Huna Wisdom: 7 Principles

Hey Champions, Recently I was reading Secrets of Millionaire mind by T Harv Eker and, at one point he referred to the Huna Wisdom. Huna wisdom? What is it? 

To serve my curiosity, I searched for it. And, surprisingly I am fascinated by simple yet wonderful ancient wisdom. I thought it would be beneficial to share it here also.

In Hawaiian, Huna means “secret”. Huna is ancient knowledge enabling a person to connect to his or her highest wisdom within.

One of the great things of Huna wisdom is the seven principles that we are going to learn here, which helps us to bring healing and harmony through the power of the mind. These seven Principles are basically, seven Hawaiian  words, whose  English translation for each of these words are ideas they take us into these very very deep concepts, understandings and insights into how the world works.

You can practice these profound principles, and get benefited. Kailaba – always wants to help you grow happier, more radiant and more successful.

So, Champions, without delay, Let’s learn:


Principle One: IKE – Be aware

Your perception is your reality and the world is what you think it is as experienced through your senses. You are creating your own reality by your assumptions, by your rules of reality. You can change it if you want to. That’s a very powerful thing.

You are in charge of your experience by your own thinking, your own beliefs and your own rules of reality. Since, you are in charge of your own thoughts, you can keep your thoughts on the things you want. Some thoughts may come to you, you have to say, Okay, Do I want to keep you here ( in your head) or not? Lots of thoughts may come in, but you can just let them go. Let them come in, let them come out. You’re the one in charge of what stays in your head. 

Since, Feelings are the results of what we are thinking. You’re in charge of how you feel.

You can have pleasure anytime you like simply by changing your thinking.  There’s nobody else to blame. So the world is what you think it is and if you want to have a pleasurable world then practice pleasure, practice feeling good and do it yourself and make it happen yourself because you’re the only one that’s in charge.

Practice: I’m Aware

Principle Two: Kala: Be free

The only limitations to success are the ones that you place upon yourself. So give yourself the freedom to succeed. Your boundaries are set to keep you safe until you master the next lesson or task and then you stretch more to the  next level of attainment.

Practice: I’m Free

Principle three: Makia – Be focused

Energy flows where attention goes. What you are putting your attention on is what you are energizing. So if you are putting your attention on how miserable you feel then you get to have lots more of that. That’s what you are energizing and if at some point, you say, well I don’t feel like having any more misery then you turn your focus elsewhere to things that bring you joy. 

It pays to pay attention to what you’re paying attention to, what are you paying attention to, where are you putting your  energy because that’s what’s increasing.

So, focus on what you consciously wish to achieve.

Practice: I am focused.

Principle four: Manawa : Be Here

The present moment of NOW is your only moment of power. Stay centered in the present moment because that is where all desired change occurs. Develop mindfulness and awareness of presence in mind, body and spirit. 

Practice: I’m Here.


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Principle five: Aloha:  Be Happy

Love is the source of all power. Happiness comes from the art of appreciation. If this is lacking in your life try the appreciation task daily until this becomes part of your consciousness. The awareness of your good fortune, genuine appreciation and thankfulness will bring more of what you want to you.

Practice: I’m Loving

Principle six: Mana : Be Confident

True power is personal power and that comes from within. All power comes from within. Only we have the power to change things in our lives, to make different choices to use our will.

Nobody can give us power. We have to claim it for ourselves and when we claim we become the authors of our own lives. It is the choices that we make that give us that power.

Trust and independence nurtures real confidence in our choices and what is right for us. A sailor once said “You cannot trust the way the wind blows yet you can always adjust your sail.” 

Practice: I’m Confident

Principle seven: Pono: Be Positive

If effectiveness is the measure of success, always expect the best. Avoiding optimism in the hope that you will avoid disappointment will not keep bad thing from occurring. Luck occurs when you prepare for opportunity.

Practice: I’m Positive


Champions, do practice The Huna Wisdom, principles. They are simple yet powerful. Thank you for reading . Happy Reading.

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